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Services and Rates

Investing in body and energy work is an investment in your health.


60 minute session - $90.00  

90 minute session - $120.00

30 minute session - $50.00

Bodywork sessions can include the following techniques:

   ​​​​​​ P-DTR - Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex - With this modality we can locate dysfunctional receptors in tissue and reset the nervous system to allow the muscles to function properly and reduce pain.

   Swedish massage - A relaxing, flowing massage to relieve stress, release toxins and increase circulation.

   Deep tissue massage - By working the tendons, ligaments and the muscles, this can release chronic muscle tension.

   Reiki - Alicia is a Reiki Master Teacher. This energy flow is included in any touch therapy.

   Neuromuscular therapy -  Trigger point therapy applies pressure to specific areas that are deprived of oxygen and nutrients.  Local and referred pain can be relieved utilizing this technique.

   Jin Shin JyutsuÒ - Effortless Reality - A type of Japanese acupressure.  Harmonizes energy pathways which aligns the body, mind and spirit.  For additional information go to www.jsjinc.net.

   Reflexotherapy - An approach that works with reflex reactions in the body.

   Lymphatic Drainage massage - A light touch massage that aids in drainage of lymph nodes and helps clear built up toxins from prescriptions drugs, anesthesia, lack of movement. 

  Facial Rejuvenation - Lymphatic drainage for the face.  Can be an add on treatment for an additional $25.00

  Zoku Shin Do - Traditional Japanese foot massage.  Can be an add on treatment for an additional $25.00. 

  Spiritual Earth Treatment - Essential oil and heated honey treatment to the spine and back with additional work to the remainder of the body. The essential oils act as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent. Colorado honey used to help with bacteria. 

60 minute session - $115.00   90 minute session - $145.00.

   Heated Bamboo - Warm bamboo poles are used to relax muscles, flush tissue of metabolic waste and give relief to sore muscles. The heat allows for deeper pressure without the pain during or after the treatment. 

60 minute session - $115.00   90 minute session - $145.00

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